I have worked in mediums like video,painting,sculpture and installation art.
— Rosalin Suero


I like to create enviroments and objects where the viewers/users experience is transformed
— Rosalin Suero

Suero is an interdiciplinary artist living and working in Puerto Rico. Her work disrupts and plays with the standars logics of everyday objects and spaces by approaching them as sculptural form and aesthetic systems. Almacen/Habitacion, a 17,000 square feet installation is her most ambitious project to date. Her work has been shown in Exit Art,New York; Hokin Gallery, Chicago; El Matadero and Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, Spain; and Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. She was awarded with the Lexus Grant(2007) and a fellow artist at La Practica Interdisciplinary Program(2010-11). Suero holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico

Suero works has changed and evolved over the years nut always influenced by my bases or beginnings in painting. Since 2008 Suero has been working on site-specific projects. She is interested in thinking about the space as an experimental production studio and manipulate its function through new information and programming. For example, in the installation The Lounge: A Space in Decomposition,sound,light,volume and color were added. 

Everyday life it's objects,spaces,activities and tasks are themes and materials Suero uses in her work. Playing and improvisation are important components of her projects. The artist is very interested in how people improvise to escape ''boring'' situations. She clearly thinks that improvisation is a reaction to the monotony of modern life.

My work has been sparked by the art history Situationism, Pop Art, Body Art theorists like Maurice Merlea Ponty or Manfred Max-Neef and the landscape, be it social or physical.
— Rosalin Suero

Fake Paintings

The pieces are part of a series of seven large-scale paintings. They are the result of a research of fake items and its producers in Latin America and the Caribbean where hand made replicas of popular brands are found in the streets. The action to imitate,falsify or make a replica is a metaphor for survival. Informal sector strategies are used to challenge the current art market. The portraits were introduced through a museum. Also logic's of globalization as industrial production, capitalism and consumerism are inherent in the projects.

Meaning of Suero paintings 

Fake Paintings approaches the subject of child labor and consumption. The portraits of a shoeshine boy, a seamstress girl and a soldier represent child workers in the Caribbean. Different symbols of popular culture camouflage monogram,comic book superhero surround the children to distract the viewer from the work they are doing. The paintings are a reaction to the consequences of globalization. Multinational companies have been accused of supporting an economy that exploits cheap labor. In spite of this, the consumption of these brands continue to grow resulting in the integration of more and more children to workforce