(LED) Luis Enrique Diaz Delgado, b. 1980, Zaña, Peru.

Winner of the National Award of Sculpture of Peru (IPAE), Luis Enrique Diaz Delgado (also known as LED) is considered to be one of the most important sculptors of his generation in Peru. He works exclusively in stone – marble, granite, onyx, obsidian – and in small and medium formats.

Preoccupied since he was an adolescent with fully developing his utmost capacity in the art of stone carving and the discipline of sculpture, Delgado did not start to exhibit his work nationally until 2007. Immediately thereafter, his work became acclaimed by critics and avidly sought after by collectors in Peru. His sculpture, powerful and delicate at the same time, is technically exquisite. Diaz Delgado-LED explains that his work “gets out the essence out from the stone, showing its true color, its soul”. 

His sculptural practice is equally shared between the figurative and abstract modes of representation. The main themes of his figurative work are pre-Hispanic symbols that the artist fusions “to the modern”, but also the female figure. A pervasive surrealist influence is also manifest in his work.

His abstract work draws inspiration from the feminine energy, which Diaz Delgado assimilates to the Mother Earth and to the Universe. 

LED is very much conscious of being heir to one of the oldest cultures of Peru and of Latin America which dominated art of stone carving and he inscribes his own work within that tradition, fusing that which is ancient and modern as he follows his way into the future.