Janklo is a young French artist born and raised in a family of artists. His work, clever and seductive, draws our attention to the prevalence of form over content in our present day consumer society.

An established signature style is a mark of excellence effective in informing and influencing attitudes, values, and opinions. It is at the heart of an industry of desire which Janklo embraces critically and metaphorically through his Vacuity Boxes. Evanescent and fleeting, auratic like magic. In this respect, he remarks provocatively:

I wrap up and sell nothing, emptiness
— Janklo

But of course, the card played is but another sleight of hand. What is being partially criticized is also being upheld enthusiastically by both, artist and beholder of his work. Let magic display begin.

Suspended, as if floating in space, the signature ribbonsthe he re-presents are, in fact, buried in acrylic. Pop-Voila! The medium monumentalizes what it also denounces as a public display for all to marvel and behold. And both, artistic gesture and brand signature result in an infinitely refracted and reflected spectacle of light and mirrored images.

In any illusion there is significantly more than meets the eye. It is one of the evanescent secrets of happiness.