But, we should be careful, one woman can hide another, women aspire to live their multiple lives fully and intensely. No Taliban is going to stop this dynamic!

Cecile Plaisance, lives and works in France.

Cecile Plaisance has toyed with the photographic medium since she was a child, when she took her first Barbie dolls photographs and attempted to capture into meaning the world around her. She has continued since taking pictures privately to pursue her longstanding inquiry of beauty, set in light of an overriding concern for how it is addressed in terms of a fleeting utility, constantly readapted and reinterpreted in various degrees of isolation, solidarity and power relations. One usually finds in her work a mixture of inquisitive voyeurism and humor, a refined mixture of deceit, fragility and innocence that makes us instantly relate to her language, and understand we are all heirs of our past and responsible for our future actions.

Plaisance refers in the following terms to the ideas which motivated her ongoing Lens Series, starting in 2013:

Beyond the myth of woman as object, I wanted to unclothe the idol of our childhood, as a kind of gesture of support for women around the world who rights, their desire, their conquered freedom. My photos do not show the newspaper read by busy women still wearing their sexy underwear, the black dress worn by reserved women, the nun’s outfit, the burka worn by veiled women

After working during ten years in European financial markets, and thereafter in the new technologies sector, she launched her artistic career and devoted exclusively to producing, sharing and making public what she had largely already been developing in solitary throughout different countries.

Cecile Plaisance’ is widely exhibited internationally and her work figures in important private and corporate collections around the globe.