Art chooses you, you don’t choose it
— Anton Momberg

Anton Momberg is one of South Africa’s leading realist sculptors. Characterized by a realist classicism, his sculptural production has focused mainly on the female nude, often in marble dust and resin to imbue his figures with an otherworldly quality. 

He is also very well-known and reputed for his portraits of historical figures. It is the case, for example, of the immaculate full-length bronze portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, an edition of which can be viewed at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town and in DL Gallery in Condado, Puerto Rico. Critics see in this fine portrait Momberg at his best: a great, inspiring realism coupled to an ephemeral, unearthly quality that echoes the artist’s “dedication to absolute truth”.

Anton Momberg’s work has been exhibited internationally primarily in London and in South Africa -where he is present in numerous private and public collections, and in public commissions throughout Port Elizabeth, Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

Anton Momberg’s work has been exhibited throughout South Africa and in London.